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Anonymous asked: what purple hair dye would you say is the best ?

My favorites are definitely any of the Punky Colors which smell really amazing, or Pravana. 

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Anonymous asked: Hi I want to dye my hair a bleach blond and purple and pink tips. What damage is that going o do to my hair and how sould I take care of to prolong the color and make it soft and healthy looking.

It can do a good amount of damage depending on the condition of your hair before bleaching.

It would be best to do a deep conditioning treatment 1x per week either homemade or store bought.  I really like the Macadamia Nut Conditioning Mask which you can find at Ulta.

If you wanna make your own hair mask here is a link to one I make frequently:


As far as prolonging the color, try to shower in cool to warm water rather than hot.  Hot water opens up the hair cuticle making it more likely to shampoo out.  Use a sulfate-free shampoo that is labeled as color safe.  If you can, shampoo every other day at most.  If your hair gets oily you can always rinse with vinegar and water to clarify.  This will preserve the hair color better than shampooing every single day.


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Anonymous asked: what products do you use to get your hair all whooshy and over to the side? like the one on page 4 pic two. shes really pretty and doing the lip bite thing and has a piercing, sorry I suck at describing and explaining XD

Apply a volumizing mousse to 70-80% dry // 10-20% wet hair and blow dry upside down, or with a large round brush lifting hair upwards as you dry it then moving it into the shape that you want.  After get some hairspray on your hands and massage it into the hair and scalp area from underneath to hold the volume.

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feedmeacupcake asked: July 1, 2012 (He let me experiment on him! :) it came out so his hair matches his eyes!!) I want this hair! It would match my eyes too! Did you do this at home?

Yes!  First I used Loreal Quick Blue to bleach his hair.  Then I mixed a tiny amount of Ion Brights in Violet and Aqua with a ton of conditioner and left it on for about 20-30 minutes before rinsing out.

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selena557 asked: Hey,i found ur blog randomly when i was looking at cool coloured hair and it is awesome!!,ive watched most of ur videos and i am in the process of trying the tips you have givin to promote hair growth:),but also im wanting to hav my hair coloured for the first time,i wanted it to be dyed a fairly dark chocolate brown then blonde to a deep red at the tip where i hav my layers,is that possible haha?

Thank you so much!!!! I haven’t been updating the blog regularly, but hope to get back at it soon!!!

That chocolate blonde to red is definitely is possible, and it sounds awesome.  Once you get your hair chocolate brown you just need to bleach the mids to ends of your hair, and then dye only the ends red.  The red could leech up the entire bleached area that you want to keep blonde… so you would have to cover the parts that you want blonde with conditioner and don’t get any red dye in that area.  Good luck, that’s an awesome idea! 

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I absolutely loved your video on the ion brights. I'm a natural blonde, and I'm going to dye my hair a nice bright shade of blue with a mix of Ion's Aqua and Sky blue. I'm about an ashy 8 or an 7 on the colour scale for blondes, and I was wondering if you'd recommend bleaching it? I went to Sally's and picked up a tube of each colour, plus a pack of NRage whiteout kit. I'm getting some mixed reviews from it so it looks to be a little dodgy. Should I trust it?

Thank you!!!! :)))

Yes, I would recommend bleaching first to get the most vivid results out of your color.  Since your hair is already pretty light you shouldn’t have to leave the bleach on very long to get to level 10.  I haven’t heard anything bad about the NRage whiteout lightening kit.  I believe I used that a long long time ago and the results were just fine.  If your not sure though maybe go back to Sally’s to see if you can return it for another brand…

It is true that some brands of bleach are better and more gentle than others.  I personally like using Clairol BW2, or Loreal Quick Blue.  When you use packets or purchase a tub then you can choose the appropriate level of developer.  For you I wouldn’t use anything over 20 vol.  I would leave it in for anywhere from 10-30 minutes before washing it out, 45 min absolute maximum time but that would usually be for darker hair than yours.  Bleach can be pretty damaging so be sure to keep a very close eye on your hair as it lightens.